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Empowered Worth: Worthy Wisdom for Women

Dec 1, 2021

In this episode, my guest Tasha Wilson imparts her wisdom to help us find identity and purpose and set boundaries during our empowerment journey.

Tasha M. Wilson also known as Tasha W: The Messenger of Hope is an author-entrepreneur, certified life coach and transformational speaker. She empowers millennial women to unlock the treasure that’s within, confront pitfalls from the past and explore the power of fearlessness. In 2015, Tasha founded the Royalty Refined Movement, a community-based organization that empower millennial women to discover freedom and healing by redefining their identity, sharing their stories and applying strategies to mend the broken pieces of their past experiences. In 2018, Tasha became a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau.

RAINN Stands For (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)and is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. As a member she shares her story with others on various platforms to help raise public awareness regarding the effects of sexual violence. In 2019, Tasha’s latest book Recognize Your Opponent: When Your Greatest Enemy is Your Inner Me was introduced as a university wide initiative on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University. It is a metamorphic piece in which she provides tools and strategies to help readers overcome a defeated mindset and embrace the journey of healing and wholeness.

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Victoria Lowell is a financial advocate, coach, international bestselling author of “Empower your Worth: A Woman’s Guide to Increasing Self-Worth and Net Worth.” and the founder of Empowered Worth, a financial-education platform that empowers women to become active participants in their own financial future and well-being. In late 2018 she left Wall Street and followed her passion to help women assert themselves fiscally. Her expertise in this field has led to her hosting this podcast, conferences and webinars, motivational speaking and being a guest on many tv, radio and podcast shows.

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