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Empowered Worth: Worthy Wisdom for Women

Jul 29, 2020

In this episode, my guest is the amazing Dinah Lin. Dinah will share if us her inspirational life story which will inspire and empower you.

At 78, Dinah Lin is stepping out and speaking up, to inspire others that ‘it’s never too late!’.  She began her career at 35, after an early marriage and children and returned...

Jul 22, 2020

In this episode, Empowered Worth, Founder and President, Victoria Lowell speaks about topics Empowered Worth is presenting this July and what is instore for the rest of the month.

Victoria Lowell is a financial advocate, coach, international bestselling author of “Empower your Worth: A Woman’s Guide to Increasing...

Jul 15, 2020

 In this episode, my guest is Susan Burrell for an amazing conversation about the current climate given covid-19 and how we will evolve during this time.

Susan is the author of “Live Your Empowered Life-A 30-Day Journey Book” and she has a thought-provoking podcast called Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell that can...

Jul 8, 2020

In this episode my guest is sales and marketing guru Catherine Vieira.

Catherine Vieira is the founder of ACV Partners – a sales and marketing company. She is a sales and marketing leader with a demonstrated track record of developing and delivering high growth strategies for companies to maximize market potential in...

Jul 1, 2020

 In this episode my guest is Deanne Joy and we will be having an amazing conversation about transforming our lives so we can Live in Joy, Peace and Purpose.

DeAnne Joy is a transformation coach, speaker, and best-selling author who is also known as the Joy Catalyst. Her superpower is helping high-achieving women choose...